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Wildwood Healing Essentials is dedicated to decolonizing our practice and supporting anti-oppression work, both professionally and personally.


We are located on occupied Duwamish land, also known as Seattle, WA. 



E: wildwoodhealingessentials@gmail.com

P: 2069104704


Studioworks Ballard

1417 NW 54th St. Suite 311

Seattle, WA 98107

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- Wildwood Healing Essentials -

About Kelli



I am a queer and trans non-binary therapist and traditional witch. I offer trauma and social justice informed psychotherapy and energy medicine services, together or separately. I am passionate about helping people recover from developmental trauma and the effects of systemic oppression. I love watching people reclaim their power and re-center themselves in their own lives. 

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my loves in nature. I also enjoy growing food and medicinal herbs, researching the latest trauma integration therapies, dismantling the cis/hetero centric and white supremacist patriarchy, building community, laughing at my own jokes, and singing karaoke. 

Services & Credentials


I have a BA in Gender Studies from Washington State University and an MA in Psychology with a Counseling Specialization from Saybrook University (LIOS program). I am licensed as an LMHCA in the state of Washington and I participate in clinical supervision with Charlene Ray, MSW, LICSW (Lic. # 00005746).

I offer counseling services to individual children and adults, as well as couples, polycules, small groups, and families. My practice is based on self love and acceptance, compassion, integrity, kindness, sovereignty, and the healing gift of being seen and accepted for who you truly are. ​


Energy Medicine

I am an ordained minister and am currently in my third year of Healing Craft training with Ylva Mara Radziszewski, EAMP, LAc at the Cunning Crow Apothecary.  I offer a wide variety of services, including soul retrieval, energy clearings, cord cutting, cord tending, elemental balancing, energetic extractions, compassionate depossession, space clearings, land blessings, baby blessings, rite of passage ceremonies, handfasting/wedding officiating, intuitive readings, and more. I work on whatever is most available and ready to be released or integrated at the time, recognizing that the most supportive path is one of ease and not force.